With Larry Hughes leaving to join LeBron James in Cleveland, how much left will there ever be of the Wizards? In excess of Chicago and Phoenix, Washington was the surprise team last twelve months. After all, Arenas, Hughes and Jamison failed as teammates with the Warriors. Now it’s a two-man show and a playoff appearance would again be superb. Can they prove everyone inappropriate?

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Some players are improving. Brendan Haywood has shot 56%, 3rd best from the NBA. But he’s only averaging six.4 RPG. Antawn Jamison is averaging a crazy 11.5 RPG along together with his 19.7 PPG. Caron Butler is a 6th man candidate averaging 14.5 PPG off the bench, and Jarvis Hayes has displayed a great form in shooting. jarvisai can’t be prevented with his 27.7 PPG. It’s going to interesting to view whether Arenas and Jamison both create the all-star team, their team might do not be good enough to warrant two all-stars.

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